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Since 1984, I have represented hundreds of individuals who have been injured as a result of negligence. Whether through an auto accident, an uninsured motorist, on the job, or a senior who has been abused, I zealously advocate for every client so as to maximize the recovery which they are entitled.

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Well respected Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

“It’s a constant struggle taking on insurance companies. Knowing how to navigate the obstacles they create is the mark of an outstanding personal injury lawyer.”

— Joseph Younes P.C.

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Injured on the road?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and the at-fault party has no insurance, you still may have options.

One Step Ahead

Joseph Younes Attorney at law

When it comes to my clients, I’m no stranger to the courtroom. Following in my father’s footsteps, I advocate for my clients and do my best to fight for a favorable outcome. It’s not just about taking the easiest route to a winning result, as I believe everyone is entitled to have their story told and their dispute resolved.

Don't let a personal injury take over your life

Whether you’re dealing with negligence on the road or with someone’s poorly maintained premises, you have options.

Mental Health is the key to successful recovery

When it comes to your health, physical and mental health are always connected. You can’t get well until you take the time and energy to improve both. It’s the key to a successful recovery, and it’s why I focus on making sure all the legal details are taken care of.


Let's Establish an understanding relationship

As you start to pick up the pieces and adjust to your traumatic situation, we’ll work together to craft a strategy using my decades of experience with hundreds of personal injury cases. During your consultation, I’ll listen carefully as you tell me the important details of your case. Once I understand what’s happened, I’ll lay out all your options and start to create a plan of action that makes sense based on what you tell me. I take pride in not backing down from any case, no matter how challenging or complicated it may seem.


You get my full attention

Because I personally handle every case, your case will not be passed around from attorney to attorney. Additionally I won’t shy away from the courtroom and I’ll keep you informed about your situation each step of the way. I make myself easily accessible to each and every one of my clients because I understand that often time all questions or concerns don’t just pop up during regular business hours.


Free paid upon successful recovery of your claim

When I take your case, it will be based on a contingency fee basis. As a result, I don’t get paid unless we win. Since each injury case involves a free consultation, you don’t have to worry about an upfront cost when it comes to getting legal help. My top priority will always be your well-being.

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