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Burr Ridge Car Accident Attorney

The Village of Burr Ridge, Illinois, one of the wealthiest towns in the state, has its own tagline – “A Very Special Place.” But even in very special places, things like car accidents can still occur.


Although it’s known for its elegant mansions and luxury lifestyles, Burr Ridge is a relatively small town with a population of just over 11,000. And being split between two counties – Cook County and DuPage County – the town requires its law firms and law offices to be familiar with each county’s jurisdictions, ordinances, and borders.


Fortunately, Joseph Younes, a Burr Ridge car accident attorney, is well-versed in the area and licenses to practice in Burr Ridge.

Practice Areas

The Law Office of J. Younes has a long list of practice areas, but one particular practice area they take on cases in is that of car accidents. Being that a car accident falls under the category of personal injury, Younes’ car accident attorneys are ready and prepared to provide Burr Ridge with legal representation, legal advice, and a free case evaluation. These experienced attorneys, who are licensed to practice in the state of Illinois, can search legal resources to help you when dealing with the repercussions of your Burr Ridge car accident.

Here to Assist You

Getting in a car accident is not an experience most people want to go through. You can easily be injured in car accidents, resulting in minor injury or catastrophic injury, medical expenses, potential medical malpractice, trouble dealing with your insurance company, or even wrongful death of yourself or a loved one. By serving Burr Ridge, Joseph Younes and his team of accident lawyers will help you navigate any legal issue that arises during the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Burr Ridge, a car accident attorney’s standard contingency fee ranges around 30% to 40% of the settlement. The price will change depending on the lawyer’s special practices and level of expertise. Numerous attorneys base their contingent fees on a scale that varies depending on how soon the case is resolved.

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