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Here’s the thing: Car accidents happen. Every. Single. Day. They’re sudden, often violent, and always unpleasant. But that’s not even the worst part — it’s what comes afterwards that really gets you. The bills, the insurance claim, the fight to get your life back on track. Not to mention the unavoidable psychological repercussions, from shock and confusion to anxiety and fear.

What is a burn Injury?

A burn injury is the result of excessive heat or prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. These conditions can damage the skin, muscle and tissue, causing pain and swelling.

  • A person may sustain a burn through;
  • direct contact with hot liquid or steam;
  • touching something that has been heated to high temperatures;
  • exposure to extreme weather conditions (i.e. lightning strikes and electrical burns).
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Which is the most painful type of burn injury?

The intensity of pain from burn injuries varies from person to person and is hard to predict. That said, most medical professionals agree that scald burns are the most painful type of burn injury. These occur when hot liquids or gases are exposed to the skin. When this happens, the skin and tissue are instantly burned. Scald burns can be particularly dangerous because they can cause damage to the nerves and tendons. Unfortunately, this can lead to long-term chronic pain.

What is the most commonly used measure of burn injury?

Burn injury is traditionally determined by the rule of nines which divides the body into several regions, each of which is 9% of the total body surface area.

These designated regions include the:

  • head (9%);
  • arms (9%);
  • torso (18%);
  • feet (9%).
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What are the most common problems amongst burn patients?

In addition to intense physical pain, severe burn injuries can also lead to mental and emotional problems.

These may include:

  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • and/or other trauma-related issues.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health issue, it’s best to seek out guidance from a therapist.

If you’re struggling with severe pain caused by burn injuries, you may require opioid pain medication. Taking into account the risk of opioid dependence and the uptick of drug dependence in the US, it’s important to first discuss this option with your doctor so that they can properly give you the assistance that you need.

Why you need a Chicago Burn injury attorney

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The burn injury compensation you could receive can help to cover the following areas for you and your family: Loss of earnings due to time taken off work. The cost of any medical treatment, medication and care – including prescription charges. Travel costs and other associated expenses.

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