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Accidents can occur anywhere: at home, at work, while driving a car, or even when you’re walking and minding your own business. In extreme cases, limbs are severed and require amputation. It’s times like these, as a resident of Illinois, that you’ll want to contact a Chicago amputation attorney to address the personal injury or premises liability claim. compensation you deserve.

What are some of the leading causes of amputations?

Typically, an amputation injury can occur during a car accident or a workplace-related accident, such as on a construction site. These kinds of amputations are referred to as traumatic amputations, which account for roughly 5.8 percent of lower limb amputations. Many amputations are conducted due to health-related issues like disease, diabetes, and circulation troubles.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 6,200 work-related amputations happened in the United States during 2018, the majority having involved metal or woodworking machinery.


But, another leading cause of amputation is negligence. For this situation, a Chicago amputation attorney, who is also referred to as a Chicago personal injury lawyer, will help determine if your case is a premises liability claim or specifically a personal injury claim. These cases fall into our law firm’s regular practice areas, so our attorneys are prepared to assist amputee and victims in maintaining their privacy and legal rights and receiving the settlement they deserve.

What are the most common types of amputation?

Upper limb and finger amputations are two of the most common types of amputation, with men experiencing limb loss at a higher rate than women; 69 percent of amputees are men and 31 percent are women.

What to do if someone has an amputation?

There are several steps to addressing a recent traumatic amputation injury, whether it was caused by machinery in a factory, a truck collision on the highway, or a table saw in a woodworking shop. The cause is irrelevant when medical attention is required.

First, tend to the amputee by having them lie down so you might assess their state and protect them from falling over and injuring themselves further. Second, stop the bleeding by covering the wound and applying pressure. Third, call 9-1-1. And finally, recover the amputated part, as it may be able to be reattached.

Compensation for amputation

No amount of money can make up for the loss of a limb or body part, but for each amputation case, lawyers will do their best to see that your suffering is appropriately compensated.

The amount of compensation an amputee may receive depends on what limb or part was lost, whether the loss is considered a personal liability or a premises liability, and whether there was any kind of medical malpractice involved. In some cases, insurance won’t cover all the expense for therapy or physical therapy that is required for full recovery, so your lawyer must be ready to fight for your rights. Contact us today for a free case consultation.

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If you were left with persistent discomfort and required several medical operations after the accident, or if the tragedy could have been avoided in some manner, a limb amputation lawsuit including gross negligence from a property owner or business might be worth over $12,500,000.

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