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Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney

When we think of traffic crashes, we often think about only vehicles, however, did you know that over 8,000 bicycle accidents happen across Illinois in one year?

Whether you’ve accidentally hit a cyclist or are involved in a motorcycle crash, it’s vital to know who’s at fault and the procedural steps you’ll have to take. You need someone who knows the law and your rights. Step in, Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney, Joseph Younes! With practice areas including personal injury, his firm of experienced lawyers effortlessly wins settlements for his deserving clients.

Who’s at fault?

Generally, typical road rules should be applied to determine liability, but when an accident occurs, it’s common for both parties to point fingers. An injured cyclist may claim the car hit them from behind, causing injury. In turn, the driver may claim the bicyclist was riding erratically or ignored street signs which caused the accident.

When the cyclist is at fault, they are held responsible for the damages that the car endured, and when the driver is at fault, their insurance company will likely have to discuss the event with the cyclist to make a proper conclusion regarding the bike accident. Whichever the case, both parties need to hire a Chicago bicycle accident attorney in the case of damages.

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Drivers vs. bicyclists responsibilities

With all accidents, it’s critical to ensure everyone’s safe. Though wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of traumatic brain trauma, in a driver vs cyclist accident, it’s almost systematically the cyclist who will sustain bodily injury.

Even the slightest blow can cause a major concussion, and at times, symptoms associated with cranial injury may not manifest themselves until hours after the accident. This is why the driver is liable for checking on the cyclist and to appropriately call emergency services so the bicyclist immediate medical attention can be given.

Compensation Recovery

You can receive compensation from your personal injury claim if you engage the services of an experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyer. Some of the damages and expenses you can expect to gain and / or recover may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Property damage(s)
  • Emotional stress
  • Wrongful death
  • Irreversible disfigurement

Believe it or not, traffic accidents happen and Chicago bike accidents can be quickly and successfully resolved by the attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph Younes, P.C. No matter the circumstances (distracted driver, accident in bike lane) and whether you’re the driver or the cyclist, we’ll fight for your property damage or physical injuries. For more information, please call us at (312) 802 1122 to talk with one of our attentive and highly competent attorneys.

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If you unintentionally strike a cyclist, stop right away to look for wounds. Make an ambulance call if required. Move your car out of the line of oncoming traffic, then dial the police.

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