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Have you or someone you love recently been involved in an accident or suffered an injury in Plainfield, Illinois? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages and losses. However, navigating the legal system can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial aftermath of an accident. That’s where a skilled Plainfield personal injury attorney can help.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Joseph Younes and his team of talented Plainfield personal injury attorneys have witnessed the devastating effects of personal injuries on victims and their closest ones. Know that you can depend on us if you want to proceed with your claim. Contact us today for a free case review consultation.

Definition of personal injury law

Personal injury law refers to the area of law that covers cases where someone has been harmed or injured due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions of another party. In these cases, the injured party (known as the claimant) may be entitled to compensation for their damages and losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Common types of personal injury cases

There are many types of cases that fall under the category of personal injury law, including:

  • Car accidents;
  • Slip and fall incidents;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Dog bites;
  • Defective products;
  • Workplace accidents;
  • Premises liability;
  • Construction accidents;
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect.

The role of a Plainfield personal injury attorney

A skilled Plainfield personal injury attorney can help you navigate the legal system and fight for your rights as an accident victim. Some of the ways they can help include:

  • Investigating the accident or incident to determine liability;
  • Gathering evidence to support your case;
  • Calculating the full extent of your damages and losses;
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and other parties involved in the case;
  • Representing you in court if necessary.


If you’ve recently experienced an injury following an incident and you feel that you may be entitled to compensation, depend on the services of a skilled Plainfield personal injury lawyer. With Joseph Younes P.C., we’ve helped thousands of our clients with their cases and our record of success speaks for itself. Don’t settle underappreciated sums from insurance companies.

Reach out to us. We’ll provide you with a free case review.

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Most of the time, the personal injury attorney will get 33% of the case’s total settlement. However, cases that go to trial often incur different costs. The goal of this fee structure is to minimize the client’s financial risk in hiring an attorney to represent them.