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Rolling Meadows Bicycle Accident Attorney

As a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Rolling Meadows, IL, I am committed to ensuring that victims of bicycle accidents, personal injury cases, and wrongful death get the justice they deserve. Bicycle accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents are a growing issue in Illinois, with 2,858 bicycle accidents recorded in 2019, including 27 fatalities, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reports that in 2018, bicyclists accounted for 2% of all U.S. traffic-related deaths. Here in Rolling Meadows, we have seen our fair share of bicycle accidents, nursing home abuse, and personal injury cases, and I am here to help those who have been injured. In this article, I’ll explain what it means to be a Bicycle Accident Attorney, the types of cases such as medical malpractice, workers compensation, and slip and fall that I handle, the benefits of hiring me as an injury attorney, and how my law firm can help you win your case. All rights reserved.

What is a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

A Bicycle Accident Attorney is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in representing individuals who have been injured in bicycle accidents, car accidents, or truck accidents due to the negligence or carelessness of other drivers on the road. Bicycle accident attorneys specialize in personal injury law, including injury cases, and can help cyclists recover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and bike repairs. Additionally, one of the core duties of a Bicycle Accident Attorney is to work to establish liability and prove causation.

What Types of Cases Does My Law Firm Handle in Rolling Meadows

At Joseph Younes P.C., we handle a wide range of cases, including:

  • Intersection Bicycle Accidents: These accidents occur when a bicycle and motor vehicle collide within an intersection. These accidents are usually due to a driver’s failure to yield or traffic violations.
  • Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accidents: These accidents occur when a driver flees the scene after colliding with a cyclist. Hit-and-run accidents can leave victims with severe injuries.
  • Dooring Bicycle Accidents: Dooring is an accident where a cyclist is hit by a vehicle door that opens right in front of them. This type of accident often leads to severe injury and, in some cases, death.
  • Distracted Driver Bicycle Accidents: Distracted driving accidents can occur when drivers take their eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel while driving, putting cyclists’ lives at risk.


At Joseph Younes P.C., we understand the complexity of bicycle accident cases, personal injury cases, and medical malpractice, and are committed to helping our clients win the compensation they deserve. Our experienced injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims.

Why Hire J. Younes as Your Bicycle Accident Attorney in Rolling Meadows, IL?

If you are seeking legal representation for your bicycle accident case, hiring Joseph Younes P.C. as your Bicycle Accident Attorney in Rolling Meadows, IL will provide you with many benefits. Our injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases, including nursing home abuse and wrongful death, and a successful track record of securing favorable settlements and verdicts against insurance companies. Joseph Younes P.C. has both the expertise and knowledge to provide you with exceptional legal services.

As a personal injury lawyer that exclusively focuses on cases related to bicycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and personal injury cases, Joseph has the experience and skills needed to handle your case efficiently and effectively. The firm also pays close attention to the details of your case, ensuring that all necessary documentation and legal procedures, such as workers compensation, are taken care of. Our practice areas cover a wide range of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice and dog bites.

At Joseph Younes P.C., we understand that each case is unique, and we provide a personalized approach to your case. We are committed to helping you receive fair compensation for your injuries, including motor vehicles accidents, and getting the justice you deserve. By hiring Joseph Younes P.C. as your Bicycle Accident Attorney, you can trust that you are in good hands. For more information, please review our privacy policy and contact us for a free consultation.

How Can Our Law Firm Help You?

If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, car accident, truck accident, or nursing home abuse incident in Rolling Meadows, IL, contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation. We will provide you with the legal assistance you need to recover compensation and get the justice you deserve. Our team of dedicated accident lawyers, injury attorneys, and personal injury lawyers will fight tirelessly for your rights. Let us fight for your rights today.

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